Hi Melissa!
Thank you so much for all that you did to organize our day! I couldn't believe how smoothly everything went! There was no stress, just a wonderful experience! I'm impressed with your abilities to summon rainbows and dolphins out of the blue :)
Thanks again for the awesome experience!!!

Kristina and Tom Jensen  July 12, 2015

Hi Melissa!
Rhett and I just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to say thank you so much for stepping in as our coordinator! Im truly blessed I got someone like you to help with everything! Our night was perfect!

Sarah & Rhett Bond  July 8, 2015

Thanks for everything Rachel. The wedding was a success and we were very happy with everything there.

Karie & Martin Del Monte  April 7, 2015

I loved working with Rachel. She made every detail to my daughters wedding so memorable. I've done wedding planning in the past but when it comes to your own daughter's wedding, well let's just say Rachel picked up the pieces!!!! I had many phone calls and she always responded quickly. She helped with dress rehearsal and after wedding even helped clear decorations. The beach had eroded where we were to have original wedding site, but Rachel had a back up spot at North Beach. She made sure area was roped off and stayed and coordinated music with wedding party. The food for brunch was exceptionally good. I was impressed as I myself am a gourmet cook. Honeymoon Island is a beautiful spot for a wedding or any event. Thank you Rachel for making Alicia and Brian's wedding everything and more. I've had soooo many compliments about how beautiful wedding was and how great the food was, truly a blessing.

Maggie  April 7, 2015

Dear Shane & Staff,
On behalf of the City of Dunedin Fire Department, I wish to thank you and your staff for providing such delicious delectables for our Pig Roast at your establishment on Feb. 28, 2015.
We are indeed grateful to you for your support, which helped us reach our goal of funding the necessary lifesaving equipment for our new Fire Boat!
Thank you once again,

William  March 19, 2015

The Party given by Bottomzupp Inc. on Nov. 1st at Honeymoon Island was a smashing Success. It was certainly cold, but the view is always beautiful and overcomes just about everything else. I am writing to commend your catering staff. The food was very good and nicely displayed. And, Oh, the servers! They were all amazingly efficient, friendly and accommodating. A great job done by all. Thank you!

Joanne Hess  November 14, 2014

Hi Shane -- just want to thank you and your staff so very much for once again making our Caladesi outing so enjoyable. It was a great day and especially stress-free for our staff when lunchtime goes off like clockwork! So thank you you all!
Without wishing the time away, we will look forward to next year! Have a great summer!

Marilyn  June 5, 2014

Dear Rachel, Please forgive my tardiness in getting this note of thanks to you for all of your help with the recent Windlass Spring Social. From the beginning, you were always available to answer my questions and to give me assurances. You willingly took into account the “human factor” when it came to collecting the money from our members, and your overall cheery personality and hospitable demeanor made working with you a pure pleasure from start to finish. As for the event itself, neither I, nor any of the Windlasses who attended, have had anything but raves for the beautiful setting, the service of the staff, the food... Everything about it, “from soup to nuts” was absolutely perfect, and it was all because of you! I can only imagine the care and attention you surely give to more important events, like weddings. How fortunate they are to have you on the Florida Events “team!” While our social was hardly in the same league with a wedding, it was important to us, and you treated us like we were the only event on your calendar. That takes true finesse and character, both of which you possess in abundance. In short, it was everything I wished for, and you made it all happen. It has already been, and will continue to be, my pleasure to tell others of my wonderful experience in event planning with you, and to direct them to you for their own events. You are a definite asset, Rachel. I am so pleased to have gotten to know you, and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Sincerely,

Candy (Barnette) Social Chair, Windlasses  May 12, 2014

I had always wanted a beach wedding and after booking a facility that would later not work for us, I began my online research. I spent many a days hunting down the best beach wedding location for our February wedding. I wanted to find a facility that could house both our ceremony and reception.

I originally spoke with Dana at Sand Key Beach in Clearwater but when I found out that they do weddings on Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, I was elated. I love the city of Dunedin! She passed me over to Doug, who is the event coordinator for the island and it's been an incredible bond ever since.

When we booked with Doug, my worry melted away. I knew that our wedding was in the safest of hands. Although Honeymoon Island provides the catering, the cake and the ceremony & reception location, we still had some other important vendors to find. Doug provided us with a list of vendors that they've worked with in the past, which was a great help!

This is where the story becomes interesting and sealed our lifelong friendship with Doug. My mother in law and I attended a Bridal Show in Tampa. There I booked an appointment with a florist, DD's Blooms to be exact. So now we have flowers, but we still need a few more vendors.

Dream Team Events in Clearwater includes DD's Blooms, CCS Photography & Ronay's Designs. They had an open house. My mother in law and I went. Guess who else was there? Doug! We had just booked with Doug and to see him there was an amazing encounter. Not only did we book our photographer, florist, and linens we got to know a really amazing guy.

We decided to have our wedding on my parents 40th wedding anniversary as well as my husband's birthday, February 16, 2014. But someone else had a birthday that day too... can you guess who that would be? If you guessed, Doug, you would be right! I mean, how often does that happen?

As my wedding day approached, I was cool, calm and collected. Spending time with my family and friends in town for the wedding. On the day of the wedding rehearsal, I dropped off the items for the reception table since I would be unable to make it to the beach the day of the wedding. Doug arranged everything. He decorated the table and put out all of the items I had brought over. I am telling you, have your wedding at Honeymoon Island and all of your stress and worry will float away.

Doug even went as far as to pack everything up for us, including some cake so we could pick it up in the morning and not have to worry about it on our wedding night.

We seriously did not have to lift a finger thru the entire process. I've heard other wedding stories and the stress that came with it, but I can honestly say I had zero stress or worry about my wedding day.

Oh and last but not least - the food was INCREDIBLE! I would like to thank the chef who made our delicious buffet, you have serious cooking talent, my friend! I received rave reviews from my guests about the food.

I give Doug and his team at Honeymoon Island, 5 BIG SHINY BLINGY GOLD STARS for creating a day that will forever be the BEST DAY of our lives!!

Thank you again Doug for being so awesome!

Christopher & Adrienne Williams  December 16, 2013

My wife and I were married the evening of November 2nd on Honeymoon Island. To save you a couple thousand pages worth of praise, I will summarize with WHAT A FANTASTIC WEDDING! Despite the gloomy whether (which cleared in time for our ceremony) everything else was PERFECT! A huge factor in all going as well as it did, besides the grace of God, was MR. DOUG LENDER. He has a personality that would move anyone, diligent in ensuring all our wedding plan "wishes" and ultimately formed an unforgettable night for us! Of all the cliche "something(s) I'll never forget about this wedding", Doug and his help will certainly be top of the list. In fact, right this very moment, I want to thank everyone from Honeymoon Island that was involved in making such a beautiful evening for us, and offer the same, plus some, to Doug. I will recommend Honeymoon Island as a place to visit, more/less as a wedding destination, to anyone/everyone. Thank you sincerely.

Karen Stephenson  June 11, 2012

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